The Latest “Pump and Dump” Stock Scams

For a while it was quiet about stock spam pushing penny stocks, but recently they’ve been making a comeback. Recently we’ve seen these campaigns:

  • 2017-03-20: Incapta Inc (INCT)
  • 2017-04-11: Quest Management (QSMG)

If you receive spam pushing shares, beware! Never buy stock based on “information” sent out as spam. The only people making money on such stocks are the scammers, who wait for the spammed buyers to offload their near worthless shares at grossly inflated prices. Reselling such stock is near impossible and and usually will lead to great losses.


Never buy stock advertised via spam (especially penny stocks), such as this one:

Subject: This company is a rare opportunity to quintuple your money before Christmas.

Appswarm needs your attention. This is the only stock you need to buy today.
Keep on reading to find out why..

Appswarm (ticker: SWRM) is a mobile games developer that has built some of
the most popular games on the planet.

The games have been downloaded more than 100 million times and the company is
planning to launch 5 new titles in January 2017 (next month).

SWRM is extremely undervalued and there are serious rumors circulating that the maker of
Candy Crush (King, a multi billion dollar company) is about to buy it out for $1.17 per share before Christmas.

At this moment SWRM is trading at just pennies but a buy out from King will automatically
send it to over $1 in a matter of minutes.

This is your chance to buy a stock just days before a major acquisition and stand to
gain more than 1,500% just days before Christmas.

This is a scam, the only people making money on this stock are the spam senders who will be trying to offload their existing holdings.

OTC:TLPY – Pump and Dump Spam

Beware of any stock that’s advertised via spam!

Here is an example of spam flogging the latest stock to avoid:

Hi Kids,

Ok.. the wait is over TLPY is here!


I will be sending you the TLPY video over the weekend. Along with my usual report. I just wanted to give this to you super quick before the MASSES get it on Monday!

All the best in the markets and stay tuned Sunday at 7PM EST for my TLPY video and report!

I believe TLPY is going to be EPIC! BUY TLPY TODAY!

Happy Trading,

The only person making money in spammed stocks are the ones sending the spam or paying the spammer, who will manage to offload overpriced illiquid stocks onto unsuspecting buyers who fall for the scam.

OTC:GAWK – Pump and Dump Spam

Beware of any stock that’s advertised via spam!

Here is an example of spam flogging the latest stock to avoid:

To our Confidential Reader,

Cease what you are performing at this time and pay attention!!
Some pretty information arrived on the radar. 1 straightforward
action currently and also you could turn one thousand dollars
into $22,000 ahead of Christmas!

Just like Google, This Raging Bull (OTC:GAW K) found the code for
international on-demand digital distribution along with a
improved advertising program. Advertisers around the country are
lining up with their funds. OTC:GAW K contains distinctive
capability to stream all kinds of internet content, such as
films, Television programs, social networking videos and games.
Todays phone web is about to usher within a new age of techonolgy
profits which towers over the Tech Boom from the 90s! Be ready
for the probable proceeds near 851% or Much more!

Most savvy traders recognize on the web marketing is actually a
expanding business, controlled by FB & Google particularly in
this country nevertheless it continues to be altering swiftly and
responsive towards the correct modern concepts and technologies.
Much better algorithms let enterprises within this segment to
develop rapidly or get attained at towering prices by established
players. Numerous recent phone app acquisitions like Instagram
have already been inside the hundreds of millions.

(GAW K) delivers media, marketing, advertising and technology
experience together to make the first media marketing and
advertising platform to effectively combine mobile video
marketing and advertising, video storage, cloud computing,
straightforward access, timely video updating capability and
facts capturing services in one particular tiny, simply
accessible unit.

According to eMarketer s most up-to-date estimates on US ad
spending; mobile marketing worldwide will grow 38% from an
estimated $13.1 billion in 2013 to $18 billion this year,
reaching $41.9 billion by 2017!

– Video may be the fastest developing Marketing format
– Each day 100 million net customers watch an internet videos
– One minute of video is worth 1.eight million words
– 46% of users take some kind of action following viewing an ad,
in line with On line publishers association.
– According to Implix, an introductory e mail that incorporates a
video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%.

Smartphones are everywhere and so is video marketing and
advertising. We want our readers to have a opportunity to beat
the market for the punch! This Tiny Gem will not remain below the
radar for extended! A business with this much possible can
speedily leap into the market’s spotlight and the resulting cost
action might be phenomenal!

What tends to make this alert so thrilling is its unbelievable
technical setup! GAW K appears to become positioned perfectly for
any huge surge up the chart. The Company s insane possible could
be attributed to many favorable variables that are combining to
create this opportunity too huge to miss!

The distinction involving This Tiny Gem along with a gumball is
the fact that a gumball only lasts hours though trading profits
on this business could final a lifetime or till it gets bought
out by a larger enterprise. Don’t wait, Buy GAWK on December 4th
just before the price goes any larger and appreciate your profits
prior to the year ends!

The only person making money in spammed stocks are the ones sending the spam or paying the spammer, who will manage to offload overpriced illiquid stocks onto unsuspecting buyers who fall for the scam.

Confederation MineraIs (CNRMF) – Pump and Dump Stock Spam

Yet another stock is being promoted by spammers, who are hoping that unsuspecting investors take the plunge. Never buy stocks advertised via spam. The only person who makes money in such “investments” is the spammer who is selling at a profit while you’re buying at a future loss.

You’ve been patient for a while now and finally it’s time.

Confederation MineraIs (CNRMF) is on the verge of exploding.

Thats because they have hundreds ofmillions of precious metals on their property and they are weeks away from beginning to dig it out and selling it up the distribution chain.

It is trading at such a bargain right now that CNRMF is a no-brainer.

Snap up as many shares of it as you can today before it goes up too high.

Everyone is certain that we will see it hit past 40cents before month’s end.

See also:

RNBI / Rainbow International Corp – Pump and Dump Spam

Stay away from any from any stocks advertised in spam. The only people making money are the spammers who manipulate suck stock prices.



Every once in a while there is a nice opportunity that knocks on the door. The general market is so saturated with overvalued companies at the moment that amazing opportunities are becoming an extremely rare thing these days. One of my analyst friends gave me a call last week and told me that RNBI is about to soar like never before. This is a company that was worth 30 cents a share at the beginning of the summer. Now we can buy RNBI for just 3cents. You heard right, 3 cents. This is the best move of the summer for sure especially since he told me we ll see RNBI hit 10 cents+ this week.

Stay well away from this stock, unless you want to lose money!

PRFC (Epcylon Technologies, Inc) – pump and dump OTC spam

If you removed the following spam, it a “pump and dump” scam. Never buy shares advertised in spam!

Dear [randomvalue],

I know you were expecting to hear back from me much earlier but I didn’t want to get back to you empty-handed. I finally found the perfect stock for you and I am confident that it will make you some serious profit.
Remember the one I told you about in November of last year right? You did very well on it and I think this PRFC stock will do the same for your portfolio again.
I have to let you know though that I’m not the only one who found out about PRFC today.
A few of my colleagues are aware as well and they are telling their friends and family about it so I must advise you to move fast if you want to buy it.
I think it’s trading at just around 15 cents right now, if you wait too long it might be at 30 or even higher and at that time I won’t be able to safely advise you to buy it.
You can buy as many shares as you can first thing at market open on Friday or worst case scenario buy it on Monday but move fast.
I know you don’t care about what the company does because you know I’ve done all the due diligence for you already but PRFC is actually amazing and I think it will do much better than even the one I told you about a few months ago.
One of the company’s divisions offers mobile software solutions for the gaming industry. The mobile apps allow customers to play lottery and other games of chance and skill on their smartphones.
The software is extremely advanced and could be the backbone of all mobile casinos in the future.
It is expected that the US will legalize online gaming in the near future and this could catapult PRFC to new highs however even without that the company’s software is extremely valuable in the rest of the world and could become extremely profitable.
Something big is definitely brewing at the company. I heard something about buy out rumors but I don’t have all the details yet I will keep you posted over the coming days or weeks.
Anyway I won’t bore you with much more blabber, but if you have a second do check out PRFC. By the way I will be expecting a nice gift from you once you make fat bank on this one and a nice dinner with the wives is in order.
It’s been too long since we last spent a good evening over a bottle of wine. I was going to call you to tell you about PRFC but I figured youre probably asleep now with those crazy shifts you’ve been working. Take care and call me if there’s anything.

Talk soon
Your favorite friend and only broker 🙂

ALAN / Alanco Technologies Inc — pump and dump OTC spam

Stay away from shares advertised in spam. Whoever is paying the spammer is trying to unload shares onto unsuspecting buyers, who stand to lose most or all of their money if they buy.

Gets Positive Rating by Market Analyst

Washington Assigned Dirty Water Management Start Up Building
Recognition. Owns Commercial Shares of $1.8 ml, Territory
valued at 4 million $, Entire credit of $8 mil!!!

Ticker: A_LAN
Priced at: .68
Company Name: Alanco Technologies Inc
Long Term Target Price: 3.85
Trading Date: September, 17

This stock could bounce on Massive Buy-in. Keep an eye on this

and many, many more spams:

TRADE of the WEEK!

Washington Ordered Waste Water Control Corporation Improving Awareness!
Controls Profitable Stock of Two Million $, Property valued at 4.5$ Million,
Overall assets of $8 mil!

Symbol traded: A_LA_N
Last Trade: $0.68
Target: $2.25
Trade Date: September, 17

5 things investors need to know about!!! It is ready to start a fresh week on
a good note!

This Company is in play. Read more about our next big mover!

Government Assigned Fracking Water Control Start Up Collecting
Recognition! Holds Marketable Shares of Nearly 2 million $, Land
valued at 4.5$ Million, Entire assets of $8 Million!!!

Symbol to buy: A-L_AN
It is now: $.68
Short Term Target: $2.75
Date: Sep, 17th

New stock-to-watch tomorrow! Strengthening Capital Position and
Rapid Progress in Second.

Here’s a new spam campaign for another stock, SIGA RESOURCES, INC (SGAE):

Ready to make Turn Around

Love this one! Buying Opportunity! Big News!

Trade Date: Thursday, Sep 26, 2013
Price: 0.026
Trade: S-G_A E
Long Term Target Price: $0.30

This company is gonna get so hot! Kick off.

MONK / Monarchy Resources — pump and dump spam

Stay away from shares advertised in spam. Whoever is paying the spammer is trying to unload shares onto unsuspecting buyers, who stand to lose most or all of their money if they buy.

Sales Triple

Huge EXTREMELY important update! Get Ready for another New
Trade Idea Tomorrow.

Name: Monarchy Resources
Tick: MO_NK
Trade Date: Aug, 23
Long Term Target: .55
Last Trade: $.2

This Stock is our new baby!!! This Stock could have huge

BUY Alert

This Company is Getting Wild! Ready for the next level up!

Trade: M O NK
Priced at: $0.20
Trading Date: Aug, 23
Long Term Target: 0.60

This news is going to send it off the charts! It Is Still The Best

This Company could be the next 10x winner!

Potential Breakout Alert For Tomorrow! Upside Enormous!

Trading Date: Aug 22nd
Sym: MO N K
Short Term Target: .60
Name: Monarchy Resources
Per share price: 0.19

On Immediate Breakout Alert! NEW PICK TOMORROW!

There are dozens more of these spam messages. Buyer beware!

Pump and Dump spam: Building Turbines Inc, Imogo Technologies Inc

Here are recent examples of “pump and dump” stock spams.

Avoid stocks advertised via spam at all costs. Whoever is behind the spam campaign is trying to offload stocks they already own onto unsuspecting buyers. Once the spam campaign stops, prices of and demand for these stocks will collapse and whoever bought them will have to pretty much write off any money they spent on these stocks.

Imogo Technologies, Inc. (IMTC):

Imogo Technologies, Inc. (IM_TC) .14 Cent market value could make you a
millionaire. This hidden cloud computing business Might Be The Largest
Worry To Microsoft’s Windows Platform. The profits you can make is most
certainly astonishing!!! Act on this unique ticker in advance of when Wall
Street Pushes the ticker price significantly higher!

Building Turbines Inc.(BLDW):

US Company Signs Deal to Make Roof Wind Turbines for 90K Sq-Ft
the Design and Manufacture of Patented Roof Top Wind Turbines.

Long Term Target: 0.95
Per share price: $.038
Trade Date: Mon, August 5th, 2013
Tick: B L_D_W
Company: Building Turbines Corp.

Environment Friendly Energy Business Set To Lift Off Next Week.

American Corporation Agrees Agreement to Construct Rooftop Wind Turbines for
90,000 Square Foot Stockroom. Building Turbines, Corp (PINKS: B_LDW) Works on
the Study and Manufacture of Patented Rooftop Wind Turbines.

Trading Date: Aug, 5th
5-Day Target: .60
Company Name: Building Turbines Corp.
Closed yesterday: 0.038
Sym: B_LDW

Renewable Power Business Equipped To Rise When Market Opens!!!

Texas Corporation Cuts Agreement to Construct Rooftop Wind
Turbines for 90 Thousand Sq-Ft Warehouse. BUILDING TURBINES CORP
(PINKS: B L D W) Focuses on the Design and Manufacture of
Copyrighted Rooftop Wind Turbines.

Target Price: 0.20
It is now: .038
Trade Date: Aug 5th
Ticker: B L D W

Environment Friendly Power Company Equipped To Jump When Market

2013-08-20 – Monarchy resources (MONK) Pump & Dump spam:

Important Info: The MON K is on the fire. MON K is on a 1st day of
promo and its showing a largest volume on today! Brokers named it a
choice of the summer. And you need to learn why… MONARCHY RESOURCES
is a latest star in financing in mining. The strategy is big. This may
honestly be a $1.15 stock super quick. The promo will follow for three
months and the stock price will explode monthly. Begin profiting
dollars with MON K. Get your $29’000 shares on Aug 20th below 0.43!


Earn fast $25’000 immediately! Hello, ready to earn $25’000 by next Friday?
You can make even more if you buy this premium stock on Monday. The stock
symbol is: M_O_N K. Its Monarchy Resources. It sells below 37 cents,
but it could settle $1’80 promptly! Purchase shares of M_O_N K on Aug, 19th
under 37 cents and double your investment! It would be dope to profit
$25’000 by Friday. And its very easy to get. On August 19th order 4’000
shares of M_O_N K and pocket over $25’000 by Friday.