MONK / Monarchy Resources — pump and dump spam

Stay away from shares advertised in spam. Whoever is paying the spammer is trying to unload shares onto unsuspecting buyers, who stand to lose most or all of their money if they buy.

Sales Triple

Huge EXTREMELY important update! Get Ready for another New
Trade Idea Tomorrow.

Name: Monarchy Resources
Tick: MO_NK
Trade Date: Aug, 23
Long Term Target: .55
Last Trade: $.2

This Stock is our new baby!!! This Stock could have huge

BUY Alert

This Company is Getting Wild! Ready for the next level up!

Trade: M O NK
Priced at: $0.20
Trading Date: Aug, 23
Long Term Target: 0.60

This news is going to send it off the charts! It Is Still The Best

This Company could be the next 10x winner!

Potential Breakout Alert For Tomorrow! Upside Enormous!

Trading Date: Aug 22nd
Sym: MO N K
Short Term Target: .60
Name: Monarchy Resources
Per share price: 0.19

On Immediate Breakout Alert! NEW PICK TOMORROW!

There are dozens more of these spam messages. Buyer beware!

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