Disc brake wheel build for my Bike Friday

With the new fork with disc brake tabs for my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket due to arrive at Tokyo Bike Friday dealer ehicle very soon, I had Tim at GS Astuto build a new wheel for it. The rim is the same type (Alexrims DA22) that came with my bike originally, also in silver and 32H. The spokes are WheelSmith SS in a 3X lacing.

I am using the Shutter Precision PL-8 centerlock dynamo hub (silver, 32H) instead of the Shimano DH-3N80 (rim brake version) that I used before. The Shimano worked really well, but I couldn’t reuse it directly because it didn’t have the centerlock connector. The PL-8 is lighter and slightly more efficient. It’s been getting very good reviews. Perhaps my son will be able to reuse the Shimano hub for one of his bikes.

Here are some pictures of the new wheel, with and without brake rotor (SM RT-81):