Pump and Dump spam: Building Turbines Inc, Imogo Technologies Inc

Here are recent examples of “pump and dump” stock spams.

Avoid stocks advertised via spam at all costs. Whoever is behind the spam campaign is trying to offload stocks they already own onto unsuspecting buyers. Once the spam campaign stops, prices of and demand for these stocks will collapse and whoever bought them will have to pretty much write off any money they spent on these stocks.

Imogo Technologies, Inc. (IMTC):

Imogo Technologies, Inc. (IM_TC) .14 Cent market value could make you a
millionaire. This hidden cloud computing business Might Be The Largest
Worry To Microsoft’s Windows Platform. The profits you can make is most
certainly astonishing!!! Act on this unique ticker in advance of when Wall
Street Pushes the ticker price significantly higher!

Building Turbines Inc.(BLDW):

US Company Signs Deal to Make Roof Wind Turbines for 90K Sq-Ft
the Design and Manufacture of Patented Roof Top Wind Turbines.

Long Term Target: 0.95
Per share price: $.038
Trade Date: Mon, August 5th, 2013
Tick: B L_D_W
Company: Building Turbines Corp.

Environment Friendly Energy Business Set To Lift Off Next Week.

American Corporation Agrees Agreement to Construct Rooftop Wind Turbines for
90,000 Square Foot Stockroom. Building Turbines, Corp (PINKS: B_LDW) Works on
the Study and Manufacture of Patented Rooftop Wind Turbines.

Trading Date: Aug, 5th
5-Day Target: .60
Company Name: Building Turbines Corp.
Closed yesterday: 0.038
Sym: B_LDW

Renewable Power Business Equipped To Rise When Market Opens!!!

Texas Corporation Cuts Agreement to Construct Rooftop Wind
Turbines for 90 Thousand Sq-Ft Warehouse. BUILDING TURBINES CORP
(PINKS: B L D W) Focuses on the Design and Manufacture of
Copyrighted Rooftop Wind Turbines.

Target Price: 0.20
It is now: .038
Trade Date: Aug 5th
Ticker: B L D W

Environment Friendly Power Company Equipped To Jump When Market

2013-08-20 – Monarchy resources (MONK) Pump & Dump spam:

Important Info: The MON K is on the fire. MON K is on a 1st day of
promo and its showing a largest volume on today! Brokers named it a
choice of the summer. And you need to learn why… MONARCHY RESOURCES
is a latest star in financing in mining. The strategy is big. This may
honestly be a $1.15 stock super quick. The promo will follow for three
months and the stock price will explode monthly. Begin profiting
dollars with MON K. Get your $29’000 shares on Aug 20th below 0.43!


Earn fast $25’000 immediately! Hello, ready to earn $25’000 by next Friday?
You can make even more if you buy this premium stock on Monday. The stock
symbol is: M_O_N K. Its Monarchy Resources. It sells below 37 cents,
but it could settle $1’80 promptly! Purchase shares of M_O_N K on Aug, 19th
under 37 cents and double your investment! It would be dope to profit
$25’000 by Friday. And its very easy to get. On August 19th order 4’000
shares of M_O_N K and pocket over $25’000 by Friday.

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