OTC Pump and Dump scams: PacWest Equities (PWEI)

Another stock is being spammed by pump & dump scammers. Never buy stocks advertised by spammers!


This Chart is an Absolute Bull! You`re Going to Get it First!!! This
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Trading Date: March 29th
Company Name: PacWest Equities Inc.
Tick: P W_E I
It is now: .2326
Short Term Target: .65

This Company is our Low Float, Big Bounce Opportunity for Today. This
Stock is on High Alert for Today!


It Surges Ahead on Elevated Volume! This stock could be a possible Buyout

Trading Date: Fri, March 29th
Company: PacWest Equities Corp
Stock: PWE_I
Last Trade: $0.2326
Target: $0.75

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Trade Date: Mar 29th
Company Name: PacWest Equities Inc
Symbol to buy: PW_E I
Last Trade: $0.2326
Short Term Target: .50

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UPDATE: New OTC scam using shares of “Liberty Coal (LBTG)” on April 15, 2013:

Great news for L B T_G – Liberty Coal – that will deliver huge

Takeover offers are back on the table that will boost L B T_G
prices up to the $.20 – $.30 range. Right now L B T_G is
selling for a very low price, so the money to be made is
amazing! Even Management want to acquire L B T_G because of
their enormous coal find that can bear shale oil. Don’t
hesitate if you want to earn big on this take over before it
gets out to the rest of the public! Buy all the L B T_G you
can afford on Mon, Apr 15.

Another one:

Breaking intelligence for L_BTG – LIBERTY COAL ENERGY INC – that
will turn a quick profit.

Buyout plans are going ahead fast that will drive L_BTG shares up
to the $.20 – $.30 range. Right now L_BTG is selling for pennies,
so the money to be made is huge! Competitors want to buy out L_BTG
because of their seemingly unlimited coal reserves that can draw
out shale oil. Take action now to earn big on this buyout prior to
other investors. Buy all the L_BTG you can possibly get on Tuesday,
April 16, 2013!

Another one:

Why PetroChina should acknowledge in S CX N? ExxonMobil captures
$14 Bill after Arkansas Oil Spill. GP will implement S CX N
solution. Lawmakers to lift the current restrictions vs huge
Oil. As buyers we could benefit from Big Oil, while decrease
tomorrows hazard. Assist large Oil remained responsible by
owning S CX N on Monday Apr 29.

Another one:

Attention headlines for G T R L!!! Films will be treated akin
capital investment by Bureau. BEA is substituting counting federal
revenues. A film can be purchased time after time be could analyzed
as a financial vehicle it shall be valuated after so the stock
price shall grow. Show firm G T R L could be bought more then a 3

Name: Get Real USA
Stock Symbol: G T R L

This analyzing bill is not void yet, add now buy 7000 stocks of G T
R L on April, 29!!!

Another one:

Acquire a abrupt 50% with B Y S_D!!! Reasonable at barely 0.01!!! Only a
fraction of a cent! Bayside Petroleum Corp. (B Y S_D) guaranteed to burst.
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OTC Pump & Dump scams: County Line Energy Inc (CYLC)

County Line Energy Inc (CYLC) is the next OTC stock being pushed by “pump & dump” stock scammers. Beware! Spammers advertise stock because they want to sell theirs, not because it’s a good idea to buy it (it is not).

Here is a spam sample:

This is our newest award winning pick, be sure to act fast! Exciting
New Trade with Increasing Sales.

Trade Date: Mon, March 18th
Stock Symbol: C_Y L C
Last Trade: $0.019
Target: $.15

It is our Day-Trade Bounce back Play. This Company is unique!!!

Other stocks spammed by the same scammers recently: Pengram Gold Corp. (PNGM), GOLD & GEM STONE MINING, INC (GGSM) and Microelectronics Technology (MELY).

See also:

OTC Pump & Dump scams: Pengram (PNGM)

Pump and dump scams are investment scams in which a scammer acquires stock (usually of little known OTC stocks), then drums up demand (often via spam emails) and offloads their stocks at inflated prices.

Steer clear of any stock promoted via spam: Their prices will collapse no later than when the spamming stops and people realize there are no other buyers. Such stocks can become near impossible to sell. In any case, a buyer will have lost most of their investment.

One such stock currently being promoted is Pengram Gold Corp. (PNGM). The spamming started around March 9, 2013 and trading volumes went up in the next couple of days.

Here is a spam sample:

Pre Announcement! Major Momentum is Brewing for This Beast.

Trade Date: Thu, Mar 14th, 2013
Company: Pengram Gold Corporation
Trade: P NG_M
Closed Price: .027
Long Term Target: $0.20

It Releases Breaking News! Our New Pick Under A Penny!!!

Right up to that day and from one week before, they had been spamming stocks of GOLD & GEM STONE MINING, INC (GGSM):

Morning Dip spells Big Opportunity. It Should Continue Upward

Date: March, 4
Company Name: Gold and GemStone Mining, Inc
Tick: GG SM
Latest Pricing: .017
Short Term Target Price: 0.35

You Need To Read This Story. This week is going to be even
better than the last.

From Feb 17-21 it was stock of Microelectronics Technology (MELY):

This Stock Continues to Climb!!! We are on fire..

Trading Date: Tue, February 19th
Company: Microelectronics Technology
Ticker: M_ELY
Closed at: $0.0163
9-Day Target: 0.10

It continues soaring! Are you missing out? Building a strong
support for a push higher!

It only takes the scammers a couple of days to unload their existing stock, then they start promoting the next one.

Occasionally the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) will suspend stocks involved in such trading patterns, as it did in 2011, to protect potential buyers from being scammed.