OTC Pump and Dump scams: PacWest Equities (PWEI)

Another stock is being spammed by pump & dump scammers. Never buy stocks advertised by spammers!


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Trading Date: March 29th
Company Name: PacWest Equities Inc.
Tick: P W_E I
It is now: .2326
Short Term Target: .65

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Trading Date: Fri, March 29th
Company: PacWest Equities Corp
Stock: PWE_I
Last Trade: $0.2326
Target: $0.75

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Trade Date: Mar 29th
Company Name: PacWest Equities Inc
Symbol to buy: PW_E I
Last Trade: $0.2326
Short Term Target: .50

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UPDATE: New OTC scam using shares of “Liberty Coal (LBTG)” on April 15, 2013:

Great news for L B T_G – Liberty Coal – that will deliver huge

Takeover offers are back on the table that will boost L B T_G
prices up to the $.20 – $.30 range. Right now L B T_G is
selling for a very low price, so the money to be made is
amazing! Even Management want to acquire L B T_G because of
their enormous coal find that can bear shale oil. Don’t
hesitate if you want to earn big on this take over before it
gets out to the rest of the public! Buy all the L B T_G you
can afford on Mon, Apr 15.

Another one:

Breaking intelligence for L_BTG – LIBERTY COAL ENERGY INC – that
will turn a quick profit.

Buyout plans are going ahead fast that will drive L_BTG shares up
to the $.20 – $.30 range. Right now L_BTG is selling for pennies,
so the money to be made is huge! Competitors want to buy out L_BTG
because of their seemingly unlimited coal reserves that can draw
out shale oil. Take action now to earn big on this buyout prior to
other investors. Buy all the L_BTG you can possibly get on Tuesday,
April 16, 2013!

Another one:

Why PetroChina should acknowledge in S CX N? ExxonMobil captures
$14 Bill after Arkansas Oil Spill. GP will implement S CX N
solution. Lawmakers to lift the current restrictions vs huge
Oil. As buyers we could benefit from Big Oil, while decrease
tomorrows hazard. Assist large Oil remained responsible by
owning S CX N on Monday Apr 29.

Another one:

Attention headlines for G T R L!!! Films will be treated akin
capital investment by Bureau. BEA is substituting counting federal
revenues. A film can be purchased time after time be could analyzed
as a financial vehicle it shall be valuated after so the stock
price shall grow. Show firm G T R L could be bought more then a 3

Name: Get Real USA
Stock Symbol: G T R L

This analyzing bill is not void yet, add now buy 7000 stocks of G T
R L on April, 29!!!

Another one:

Acquire a abrupt 50% with B Y S_D!!! Reasonable at barely 0.01!!! Only a
fraction of a cent! Bayside Petroleum Corp. (B Y S_D) guaranteed to burst.
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8 thoughts on “OTC Pump and Dump scams: PacWest Equities (PWEI)

  1. Scam scam scam:

    News Corp. profits are up by 14% its a positive signal for flicks industry.
    Newer players like G TRL are now poised to prosper. G TRL is nicely priced
    below 10 cent today and should go to above $4 once the important updates are
    announced! Run purchasing G TRL on May 10th to get seven folds your

  2. Scam scam scam:


    How to make USD 1 Billion in film business investment? Just like an
    adviser who bought 30% of Lions G. and profited USD 1`000`000`000 you
    fund small companies. The company exactly like that is G T R_L. This
    firm displays all fundamentals to soar. Don’t sit before financers make
    big dollars trading new players. Go today start adding 140`000 shares of
    G T R_L on May, 13!!!

  3. Scam scam scam:


    Could S C_X N be the future buy out prospect for British Petroleum?
    BP used 34 Bill cleaning it’s recent oil spill. How much should British
    Petroleum give to minimize its 36 Billion spending, minimize harm to the
    environment and corporate image?
    Scout Exploration Inc. brings a better and important tool for oil spill
    response. Buy S C_X N before it gets it’s commercial potential trade
    shares under $1 on April 22nd!

  4. OTC Pump and Dump scam:


    Gold might sparkle, while its not a good funding idea. What is?
    Newer movie production firms with income, like G TRL. Bigger
    cinematic production groups are battling recently with huge
    expenditures, they can’t prosper. This is where G TRL’s corporate
    strategy comes to play. G TRL’s model is very attractive for
    larger movie production studios they may start integrating it now.
    This could get stock cost to a $3. Purchase it surely on Tue May
    14 below 4 cents and profit a capital as it soars. Initiate buying
    on May 14th.

  5. Another spam run:


    Purchase Signal: H_A I_R! Biostem US Corporation To Soar. Add on Asap!!! As
    Stem Cell Field Skyrockets In 2013 Biostem U.S. is promoting a hair growing
    solution called: The Biostem Method. This method incorporates the use of
    platelet rich plasma injections, lowest level laser therapy. This mix has
    shown very impressive in growing new hair growth in women and men. This is
    about to explode this tiny company as prs publishes. People who purchase
    fast will receive large returns… Our homework indicates this stock is
    getting to take off. Up to the 1000%. Getting brokers, who enter in how to
    cash amazing gains. Curently, H_A I_R insiders informed purchaing up shares
    of the companys stock. What makes this big?! Thinking that stock is at
    all-time lows, it was a brilliant and planned bargain. Outlined by
    financers, when firms insiders purchase a loads of stock, the buying price
    that stock grows up next twelve months. Conservatively… Multiple of Its
    current value. A tiny USD 4000 investment could get to… $20’000!!!
    Purchase H_A I_R on June, 10th!!!

  6. Spam examples advertising “Biostem US Corporation” (HAIR),
    received 2013-06-08 through 2013-07-04:

    Buy Alert: H_AIR!!! Biostem US To Grow. Add on Asap! As Stem
    Cell Sector Explodes In 2013 Biostem is rolling out a hair
    growth mechanism generally known as: The Biostem MethodTM. This
    method takes using platelet rich plasma injections, low level
    laser application. This mix did display highly effective in
    fixing growth of hair in men and women. This is about to pop
    this undervalued company as prs publishes! Investors who buy
    quick would bank large cash… Our study shows this stock is
    going to trade big. By as much 800%!!! Getting brokers, who
    enter in now to rake serious earnings. Lately, H_AIR insiders
    notified purchaing up shares in the firms stock. How can this
    big? Thinking that stock is at all-time lows, this became an
    intelligent and calculated buy. Notified by bankers, when
    company insiders grab a ton of stock, the buying price that
    stock grows up over one year. Likely… Much of Its latest
    price. A smaller $7`000 investment would grow into… USD 30000!
    Get H_AIR on Mon, Jun 10th, 2013.
    It gets positive listing!!! This stock makes new high, may
    continue to rally!!!

    Long Term Target Price: 0.80
    Name: Biostem US
    It is now: .25
    Stock: H AIR
    Trade Date: Friday, July 5th, 2013

    This Stock is Ready to Bounce off Support Level!!! Stock
    New Sub-Penny Trade Alert Coming Tomorrow Morning! We Let Our Traffic
    Numbers Speak For Themselves.

    Trading Date: July 3
    Company: Biostem U.S. Corp.
    Traded as: H A I_R
    Market: 0.27
    Long Term Target: 1.55

    This Company is another rebound opportunity. New Huge Sub Penny Alert
    Coming Tomorrow Morning at 9:15 AM Eastern Time!
    Quick Read Inside!!! BREAKOUT ALERT!

    Market: $.25
    Trading Date: Jul, 5
    Target Price: .55
    Sym: H A I R
    Name: Biostem Corporation

    Long term investing pays off. We are going to be focusing on this

  7. Another junk stock spammed in July:
    NSU Resources (NSOT)

    Buy NOS_T. Amid An Notably Small Market Float, The Indicated
    Rare Earth Corporation Is Fixed To Shift!!! Assume For
    Considerable Divulgence Quick!

    Short Term Target: $.31
    Buy it at: 0.0175
    Symbol to buy: NOS_T
    Name: NSU Resources
    Trading Date: Jul 15

    It has all the elements of a strong bounce from the bottom!
    Trade Alert Coming Tomorrow After The Close!

  8. Another in the same pump and dump scam series:
    Acknowledge NO S T! Including A Profoundly Baby Public Float,
    The Indicated Rare Earth Company Is On Tap To Burst!!! Surmise
    For Higher Releases Fast.

    Company Name: NSU Resources, Inc
    Date: July 15th
    Long Term Target: $0.27
    Price: $0.0175
    Trade: NO S T

    Triple Zero Alert Coming At The Opening Bell! Stocks Fight

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