OTC Pump & Dump scams: County Line Energy Inc (CYLC)

County Line Energy Inc (CYLC) is the next OTC stock being pushed by “pump & dump” stock scammers. Beware! Spammers advertise stock because they want to sell theirs, not because it’s a good idea to buy it (it is not).

Here is a spam sample:

This is our newest award winning pick, be sure to act fast! Exciting
New Trade with Increasing Sales.

Trade Date: Mon, March 18th
Stock Symbol: C_Y L C
Last Trade: $0.019
Target: $.15

It is our Day-Trade Bounce back Play. This Company is unique!!!

Other stocks spammed by the same scammers recently: Pengram Gold Corp. (PNGM), GOLD & GEM STONE MINING, INC (GGSM) and Microelectronics Technology (MELY).

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5 thoughts on “OTC Pump & Dump scams: County Line Energy Inc (CYLC)

  1. After doing some Google searches it appears this stock has also been spammed in September and December of last year, as well as this January.

    Perhaps the spammers are trying to make it less obvious who was buying the stock due to spamming and who was buying it in preparation for the next spam run, by going through multiple waves of buying and selling (always on the money making side, of course!). Either that, or they weren’t able to unload enough shares the first time.

  2. Yes,I too have been getting the same email suggesting that week commencing 18th March 2013 is prime time to buy shares linked to CYLC.
    I am in the UK.

  3. Seems to be happening again
    Had 3 emails pushing the shares of this company again

  4. I just got one today and had to do my research, basically a lot of so-called investors have been trying hard to get me, I have no idea how they even got my email and number and so I always research to find if it is real or scam and if I don’t find reviews I quit.

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