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Fighting email online fraud and email spam

The internet has been hailed as the "death of distance". This has not only brought benefits, as the internet has also removed the distance between you and criminals. It has brought crime to your desktop. Phishing scams, advance fee fraud (Nigeria scams), fraudulent online transactions and many other dangers are lurking when you use email or visit websites. The police is not able to protect you from all those dangers.

We track online scams on our website and publish to warn others. We also provide a data feed for blocking spam, which includes emails that are used for criminal purposes.

Moneylaundering job fraud:
Job offer spam: Forwarding payments (Fraud)
Forwarding Paypal payments via Western Union (Fraud)

Advance fee fraud (419)
"Is this a scam?" - Ask the Scam-O-Matic!
About the 419 (Advance Fee) scam
Frequently asked Questions (419 FAQ)
"419" scam sender/contact addresses ("Nigeria connection" address book)
Phone numbers used by 419 scammers
Domains registered by 419 scammers
Company names mentioned in 419 spam
Where to complain about spam that uses free email accounts
419 tsunami scams

Artists against 419

Various online frauds:
Fraud: mailorder shipping to Nigeria
Fraud: Car buyer with large cashier's check
Fraud: Appartment rental with large cashier's check
Fraud: Wedding photographer with large cashier's check
Fraud: eBay purchase for Nigeria using BidPay (Western Union)
"Tawa Enterprises" - attempted $98,600 fraud from Lagos, Nigeria - Be careful with orders from Nigeria!

Fake electronics stores
Cheap mobile phones and laptops (cell phone scams)
" /" [2004-11-23]
"" [2005-01-21]
"" [2005-01-22]
"" [2004-12-19]

Fake escrows services
List of fake (fraudulent) escrow services [2004-12-10]
Fraud: Bike seller uses bogus escrow service (2005-01-24) fraudulent escrow service [2004-12-10]

Investment scams
"High Yield Investment Programs" (HYIP)
Stock Price Manipulation Spam ("Pump & Dump")
"SP Trade Investments Capital Ltd" ( [2004-11-23] (hosted in Thailand)

Various spams and scams:
'Phishing' for your wallet (Fraud)
What's the deal with "OEM software"?
"Replica watches"
The travelling young lady from Russia
Spam phone numbers ("diploma" spam, etc.) spammers
Smyrnagroup spammers (in German)
"Joe job" information - Phishing scam or Joe Job?

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