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"Pump & Dump" Spam

This is a common scam where spam emails hype shares of little known companies, of which the spammer has previously aquired stock. When sufficient people fall for the scam and start placing buy orders, the market value of the stock rises and the spammer can sell at a profit. Once the spam stops providing new buyers the stocks start to deflate again and the new onwers take a loss as the price drops back to previous levels or below.

Here is some more information about this type of fraud:

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Pump & Dump

Share price manipulations can be reported to which investigates such cases. There have been a number of successful prosecutions. Recently spammed securities:

  • Nutrione Corp (NNCP)
  • Amerossi EC, Inc. (ARSS)
  • Cambridge Resource Corp (CBRP)
  • China Fruits Corporation (CHFR)
  • GOTTAPLAY Interactive, Inc. (GTAP)
  • China Voice Holding Corp (CHVC)
  • Canyon Resources Corp. (CAU)
  • United Environmental Energy Corp. (UTEV)
  • Mobile Ready Entertainment Corp. (MRDY)
  • The Motion Picture Group, Inc. (MPRG)
  • CEO America Inc. (CEOA)
  • Extraordinary Vacations Group Inc. (EXVG)
  • Space Propulsion Sys Inc. (SPSY)
  • Las Vegas Reservations (LVCC)
  • AC Energy, Inc. (ACEN)
  • Physicians Adult Daycare Inc. (PHYA)
  • Stronghold Industries, Inc. (SGDS)
  • Voice Diary Inc (VCDY)
  • Goldmark Industries, Inc. (GDKI)
  • Carbon Race Corp. (CBRJ)

Securities suspended by the SEC on 2007-03-08 in connection with pump and dump spam:

  • America Asia Petroleum Corp. (AAPM)
  • Asgard Holdings Inc. (AGHG)
  • Amerossi Int'l Group, Inc. (AMSN)
  • Apparel Manufacturing Associates, Inc. (APPM)
  • Advanced Powerline Technologies Inc. (APWL)
  • Biogenerics Ltd. (BIGN)
  • China Gold Corp. (CGDC)
  • CTR Investments & Consulting, Inc. (CIVX)
  • DC Brands International, Inc. (DCBI)
  • Espion International, Inc. (EPLJ)
  • Equitable Mining Corp. (EQBM)
  • Equal Trading, Inc. (EQTD)
  • Goldmark Industries, Inc. (GDKI)
  • GroFeed Inc. (GFDI)
  • Healtheuniverse, Inc. (HLUN)
  • Interlink Global Corp. (ILKG)
  • iPackets International, Inc. (IPKL)
  • Investigative Services Agencies, Inc. (IVAY)
  • Koko Petroleum Inc. (KKPT)
  • Leatt Corporation (LEAT)
  • LOM Logistics, Inc. (LOMJ)
  • Modern Energy Corp. (MODR)
  • National Healthcare Logistics, Inc. (NHLG)
  • Presidents Financial Corp. (PZFC)
  • Rouchon Industries, Inc. (RCHN)
  • Relay Capital Corp. (RLYC)
  • Red Truck Entertainment Inc. (RTRK)
  • Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (RWGI)
  • Software Effective Solutions Corp. (SFWJ)
  • Solucorp Industries Ltd. (SLUP)
  • Inc. (SSUF)
  • UBA Technology, Inc. (UBTG)
  • Wineco Productions Inc.. (WNCP)
  • Wataire Industries Inc. (WTAF)
  • WayPoint Biomedical Holdings, Inc. (WYPH)

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