Get the Facebook “See translation” button back

I used to get a “See translation” link when browsing Facebook posts of my Japanese friends, but at some point that went away. I would still see it offered on languages such as Dutch, Swedish or Spanish though. It turns out that Facebook didn’t give me the “See translation” link for Japanese posts because in my language settings I had included Japanese along with English, French and German. I speak it, but unlike my other languages I can’t necessarily read it.

Having lived in Japan for many years I do speak Japanese well enough to talk to friends and family, to go to the bank, to travel and go shopping. I deal with officials at the city office or to renew my driver’s license, no problem. However, I do not do too well with written Japanese and its almost 2000 Kanji characters, so I’m still relying on translation tools for that. It was actually easy to re-enable the option in Facebook.

In Facebook, click on the triangle to the right of the padlock. Click on “Settings” in the drop-down menu. Click on “Language” on the left. Click on “Edit” next to “Which languages do you understand?”. Remove any languages that you still want to get a “See translation” option for. Click “Save changes”. Now view a Facebook post in that language and you should see the “See translation” option displayed below it 🙂

29 thoughts on “Get the Facebook “See translation” button back

  1. This did not work for me. I have lost this option on my tablet, cell phone and desktop all with in 3 days. Did FB give up on it?

  2. I don’t have the lock on my phone in Facebook and my translate button is still mossing

  3. I’m experiencing the same issue. The translation option has disappeared from posts.

  4. I have the “See translstion” option (for the language I need help in) , BUT – it’s not working anymore.

  5. Same for me. Language settings are all correct but no translation option

  6. Same problem and no solution. Facebook itself does not react to any complaints

  7. Same problem I’ve tried every suggestion. I lost the translation option on all of my devices. It’s so frustrating.

  8. Desperate need my see translation to be fixed to communicate with my Norwegian family in Norway how do I get on said:

    My see translation option has also disappeared and I desperately need it to ta communicate lk with my Norwegian relatives

  9. I’ve tried everything to retrieve the “See Translation” button I once had. It mysteriously disappeared. Curses!

  10. Me too. Lost the “see translation” option. Never touch the setting before. It suddnly disappear.

  11. Edit:
    Found a fix by good fortune.
    Mouse over text that you need to translate, right click and select option ‘Translate to (English)’.
    Hope this works for you/

  12. My See Translation and Translate all other comments buttons disappeared three weeks ago. None of the suggested fixes work, or are even possible.

  13. I wonder is it the OS or Facebook that has blocked the translation button .?

  14. When I post from my own account. So then for others translation option is not appeared why?

  15. Note: When you right click and get the “Translate to English” option, that’s nothing to do with Facebook but is a feature of Google Chrome.

  16. “See translation button suddenly disappeared I want it

  17. Same with me… and Facebook will not answer my problem submission. What the hell????

  18. That still doesn’t work on the computer nor on my iPhone 7

  19. I had this same problem working good then all of a sudden no more see translation after comment. I uninstalled it 3 times but still not working so I uninstalled it and installed Yandex. If google translate can’t take care of all these people having same problem or at least answer why, then screw them. I had to start typing each comment by hand for it to work to much time wasted doing it that way.

  20. I use two accounts with the same settings.
    In one there is no translations button, in the other it works fine.

  21. Translation option is not available for me for some reason. Obviously it doesn’t look to have any relation to my language settings, I checked them like 10 times, it’s not that complicated.

  22. Same issue here. On lap top iPad and phone I don’t get translate option. Log on for my husband, he has it! He doesn’t need it, I do. Compared our FB settings, can’t see anything different.

  23. Same problem!! Many posts are in Spanish i need to translate.. i noticed when i click off English and back on in Languages it’s not blue save. It’s not saving it. One thing. But i see mo option that’s on mobile on iPhone. Grrrre. 🤯😵‍💫

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