Fukushima watch 2011-04-14

Tepco reports that when a concrete pump truck was used to take a water sample from the spent fuel pool of Fukushima 1 unit 4 on 2011-04-12, the water temperature there was 90C, i.e. close to boiling.

The water level in the 13 meter deep pool was 5 meter below normal and only 2 meters above the upper end of the fuel rod assemblies. 195 tons of water were added, raising the water level about 1 meter. No results have been announced yet for the analysis of the water sample.

Pumping of highly radioactive water from the basement of unit 2 was interrupted for 4 hours yesterday for a leak check at the condenser. No leaks were detected. Pumping was completed later that day. The spent fuel pool of unit 2 was topped up using an electric pump for 1 1/2 hours.

According to reports in Japanese media, the Japanese government is discussing setting up a backup site for itself at Itami airport in Osaka in case of a major disaster striking Tokyo.

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