RegClean Pro scareware scam

While looking for some information on how to get from Vienna airport to the city centre, the second link that came up looked like it might provide information on train connections, using domain However, when I clicked on it, the page that opened flashed a warning that my PC was about to crash. I immediately suspected a scam. The only link from there took me to a site ( trying to sell me a scareware product called “RegClean Pro”. At no point did it show me the promised train information.

If I viewed the Google hit using the “Translate” function of Google, the promised travel information did come up, suggesting the server was feeding different contents to Google than it does to ordinary site visitors, which violates Google’s terms and conditions. I reported it as Google spam.

Beware of any malware warnings or registry problem warnings that pop up on random websites – these are all likely to be scams.

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