Yahoo: “The CAPTCHA you entered did not match please try again”

Today I tried to report an advance fee scammer in Senegal, West Africa who had sent me a scam email using a Yahoo Mail account. I went to the Yahoo Spam Report form and submitted the mail headers and message text, only to get this error message:

The CAPTCHA you entered did not match please try again

Yes, that was the exact punctuation. The form I had submitted did not have any CAPTCHA test to pass. A quick Google search found others reporting the same problem. It looks like Yahoo broke its abuse report handling, which if they don’t fix it soon will both save them staff costs and make them more popular with scammers.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo: “The CAPTCHA you entered did not match please try again”

  1. Me acaba de suceder lo mismo si tienes respuesta por favor comunicamelo a mi correo

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