Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

A few years ago I created the Scam-O-Matic (www.scamomatic.com), a website that every month has helped thousands of people worldwide by automatically diagnosing online fraud emails that people have submitted to it. Scamomatic.com recognizes fake lotteries, “dead customer” scams, “dying widow” scams and many other common formats from scammers from Nigeria that you may have seen in your inbox before. Even when it can’t pinpoint the exact type of scam, it often recognizes it as a generic scam format, largely thanks to the presence in the email of UK phone numbers that start with +44 70. These numbers are everywhere in Nigerian online scams, regardless of the precise scam format. The +44 70 prefix might as well be called the country code of Nigerian scammers.

If you receive any email that mentions any +4470 phone number, do not reply to it! You can submit the body of any suspicious email message to www.scamomatic.com for instant feedback about what kind of scam it might be.

These +4470 numbers are a gift to online scammers by British phone regulators. They are primarily owned by obscure British phone companies offering an anonymous call forwarding service. The economic model of these services is simple: The caller dials a rather expensive UK number and the UK service provider forwards the incoming call to a somewhat less expensive to call international number (for example a Nigerian mobile phone, which remains hidden from the caller), pocketing the difference between the call rates. For example, the caller might pay 50 cents per minute to call a +44 70 number and the call will then be forwarded to a Nigerian mobile phone that costs 25 cents per minute, leaving 25 cents per minute as a net margin for the service operator. The more successful the scammers are, the more money the phone company makes. Who ever said crime doesn’t pay?

These UK phone numbers are very attractive to scammers: When people can be made to believe that they are dealing with a bank, lawyer or government official in London, UK when they’re actually talking to a scammer on his cell phone in an Internet cafe in Lagos, Nigeria then they are much more easily defrauded by criminals.

As far as I can tell these numbers aren’t really being used for any other purpose than to enable international online crimes to be committed. In some nine years of tracking Nigerian scam emails, I have yet to come across a single legitimate user of a +44 70 number. I really don’t understand why the British government has allowed those services to continue to operate.

Now, of course the service operators can claim that they don’t know that their services are being used for criminal purposes unless someone tells them about it. On the other hand, they are not exactly making it easy to report abuse and the high prices of these services means that it’s unlikely that they’ll get much legitimate use, if any.

There are several ways to curb abuse, other than suspending +44 70 numbers altogether and I would encourage the UK government to seriously consider them:

  • The UK regulators could make it a requirement that calls via this service either originate in the UK or terminate in the UK, i.e. to prevent unrestricted global relaying, with say calls from India or the US being forwarded to Nigeria or Côte d’Ivoire.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to announce the country name of the phone number to which the call is being forwarded if the destination number is not a UK number.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to block forwarding to mobile phone numbers in certain countries, e.g. Nigeria

Below is a sample list of +44 70 numbers that appeared in Nigerian scams reported to Scam-O-Matic over the course of the last seven days. These roughly 60 phone numbers per day are only the tip of the iceberg:


783 thoughts on “Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

  1. Jenny, it sounds like a scam! The “+447768…” number you mention is a mobile number originally assigned to Vodaphone UK, though it may be with a different provider these days. Using global roaming, mobile SIMs can be used in many different countries. Somebody could buy 100 SIM cards in the UK and mail them to Nigeria, where criminals buy them to scam other people. The scammers using those UK numbers may never have even been to the UK. Beware of sending any money to strangers you only know online and have never met in person.

  2. Please help me I’ve been scammed…..I met a guy on Tinder is name is Alex Wilson….he told me he stays in London sent some items to me and i wanted to order for the delivery and I’ve been scammed I sent money to the delivery service after some minutes they told me the luggage could not scale through scanning showing red……They asked me to pay another money if I want the items

  3. Hi Joe,

    In reading Phoenix posted dated Feb 11, 2018. I am currently talking to a guy with phone no. +44 7752 652283 and would like to see if that’s the same person we have been chatting with.

    Could you please ask her to connect me?



  4. Lora seem to be a nice and genuine woman from Liverpool and work in Northern Ireland ,I met her but very strict and strong for me to handle.

    I think she deserves a man who will make the future bright with her..sorry LORA I have to prove you right this time you are genuine… so this is not a fucking scam …she is too nice to be called this way…help her repost this and safe her future husband.
    Thank you
    (FRANk… FRiends and family of Lora)

  5. Lora is a nice woman to say.
    sorry for blackmailing her.
    Thank you Joe

  6. This evil man called himself Ahmad Abdul Ali,Bruniean Geologist, widowed and abt to retire. Use retirement money in the parcel story to lured me into believing him. He even cried begging me to help pay for his parcel which contained his hard earned money. Lost a lot of money protecting his ‘retirement money’ from Malaysian delivery company who refused to deliver the parcel. Doubting myself until finally i made a fb search and discover the truth. Made a big mistake giving him my home address. I ve learned my lesson here. Dont be a victim to this scum.
    Tel No +447729706336

  7. What if someone calls me from +44 and eleven digits after that: (+4479647956563). UK mobile numbers have only ten digits after the national dial.

  8. Dear Mr. Wein
    What if I was called by +44 and eleven digits number after? UK mobile numbers are usually ten digits long. The number was: +4479647956563.

  9. Hello, just want to make sure if the owner of this number is true or he is a scammer..
    +447509546052 Name : Wesley Nice

  10. Hey! Today I received a whatsapp text message from the number +44 7438 287940 and the person had sent message saying that my nude pictures were uploaded online. I was surprised since I’ve never taken such pictures. Is it a Scam?

  11. Hi

    Wonder if anyone has a picture of the following person who is a scammer based on previous reviews?

    +44 7537 130660 David Ching
    +44 7480 054302 Mason Jamie

  12. Moho dicek no +447721654715
    Atas nama : Martin David Robinson
    Apa kah itu scammer juga ?

  13. I have received an email from yahoo lottery that I have win a prize, so I should contact info@deadlinecourierservice.com or phone no 448709451470, and give them my address and bank account in order to transfer my prize. Can u help me with that?
    Thank you

  14. Don’t know about these uk phone numbers. I had someone contacted me through WhatsApp. Had some photos sent over too. So good to be true. After a week he said he’s travelling to India. Sent photos that he’s leaving on the plane. 2 days after he messaged that he’s been mugged and is in the hospital. His total bill was incredibly huge and won’t be allowed to be discharge until the bill is paid. I became suspicious and never sent anything. He is still in touch but I would like to know whereabouts the real person on the photos are because I need to let him know whether it’s legit. Can someone help me out please. These things needs to stop if it’s a scam and uk needs to stop giving their numbers away.

  15. Basically any lottery that you are supposed to have won even though you didn’t buy a lottery ticket, or in fact any lottery that contacts you to notify you of a prize is a scam. In real lotteries you have to come forward to claim a prize, the lottery will not contact you first! Also, real lotteries don’t operate across state or national borders. There is no “Yahoo lottery” and domain deadlinecourierservice.com is a known fake courier used in Advance Fee fraud. Use http://www.scamomatic.com to check any suspicious emails you have received.

  16. Booked a unit for vacation in Melbourne via Booking.com. Booking was confirmed by Booking.com even though no payment was made. The confirmation e mail received via Booking.com says credit card is not accepted and to settle paymemts in cash on the check-in date. The webpage also says to message a certain whatsapp number before checking-in. The email add sender (noreply@booking.com & customer.service@booking.com) seems to be computer generated as no sender name is shown. The email also instructs to contact the supposed host via Booking.com at this email add (1299897105-2ymv.kdn8.c5fm.asg8@property.booking.com). The whatsapp no. is +447441393271 (a possible fake number in a series used by scammers – accdg to website results). I am suspicious due to 2 things…. 1. The number. 2. Booking confirmed even though no payment was made. Has anyone experienced this? What do you recommend?

  17. Not all booking.com reservations require an upfront payment. It could be legitimate. If you have to pay in cash on arrival, that is safer than any upfront credit card transaction, since scammers in rental scams usually advertise third party locations that they don’t have access to. So if you’ll meet in person when you pay, most likely it’s not a scammer.

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  19. He is Micheal Jurgen. His number:+447871723430 .He chat me over two years and I have help him too much money .I always said that he is fraudster and scammer but he said that he never be scammer. Over 1 month he doesn’t use this number again and he run away with my money. I was stupid to help a black man who is really evil bloodsucking no fishing

  20. Hi,

    Would like to know are this number +44 7398 219096 and +1 (410) 618-5802 from scammer?

  21. Thank you all so much for the information provided, I received a call two days ago from +447441927172 about a job vacancy, not sure if it’s fake, please let me know. Thanks

  22. Hi, have been communicating with a guy bt the name James Dyson . He says he is from uk. No is 447394055397 please confirm if he is legit

  23. His name Dominic Chuang He says he is from UK American Born Chinese, he is doing offshore. No is +447934774656 I think this man is supposed to be doing love scam, he said he sent me a very valuable package, asked me to help him pay! He has always claimed that he works in Bolivia, do they really have a job?

  24. Joann, this sounds like a romance scam. Supposedly valuable gifts on their way to you that you then have to pay someone upfront to receive are a typical plot element in romance scams.

  25. As the majority of the postings I am reading are very old, it just shows how persistent the scammers are!

    As has been pointed out, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    Do these cretins ever give up?

    At March, 2019 and as yet no firm motive in getting these international calls suppressed, preferably for ever.

    Do I detect a whiff of corporate corruption at work here?

  26. I’ve been called by multiple out of country numbers including France, I don’t know what they want and it hangs up before I can answer!
    ‭+44 7603 220732‬
    ‭+44 7603 220642‬
    ‭+33 825 931 343‬
    ‭+1 33825931377‬
    ‭+1 33825931343‬
    All on the same day, the first one was actually this morning..

  27. I want to tell you that everything related to sending money to especially strangers is all a lie, deception and fraud. Remember this and never send money to strangers, especially from the Internet. The situation is very simple, asking for you help for example “please, please help me i’m confused”. This is lie abd fraud. And then ask you for help again and again, coming up with different options and situations. You don’t need to be a psychologist to understand all this. Think what you are doing sending money it is not clear to whom. For many banks in Europe, Nigeria is on the so-called “black list” by the number of scammers. And bank employees warn customers in no case send money especially in Nigeria. People who have never been to the UK tell the number +44702408….. Sincerely, Michael.

  28. And one moment, a human who says that he is from the UK and is currently in Nigeria and is asking for help. We must not forget that in the UK the highest wages from all over Europe. And ask for help if he is British and in Nigeria. . . . yes it is just ridiculous and absolute deception. So turn on the logic and think. Michael from Eastern Europe.

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