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Is a scam?

Our online scam check service Scam-O-Matic receives many queries about "Jobs in Dubai" (JID, website:, as job seekers wonder if that company is a scam.

Unlike most job agencies, which get paid by employers for providing job candidates, charges a fee to job seekers. This is illegal under U.A.E. labour laws. JID avoids getting prosecuted by only charging this fee to job-seekers from outside Dubai and by operating from outside Dubai.

Their website gives an address in Ontario, Canada as its business address.

If you do a web search for the company name, you will come across a number of forums and blogs where people debate whether the company is an outright scam, is somewhat legitimate or a regular business. While the operators of JID claim that many negative postings are the work of competitors, there are plenty of suspicion that positive postings are being made by JID staff.

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