“Work from home mum” scams (newsonlineweekly.com)

Almost two years ago I wrote about “Work from Home Mum” scams. Right now I see this type of scam mostly advertised via paid website ads. A year ago it was mostly advertised via spam sent from hacked Yahoo email accounts, which of course is totally criminal.

The advertised websites still look very similar. A recent example is newsonlineweekly.com. When I opened it, the headline read “EXPOSED: Shizuoka-shi Mum Makes $7,397/Month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!” The internet provider I was accessing from was in Shizuoka, Japan. When I opened the same site from a webhoster based in Nuremberg, Germany, it came back as “EXPOSED: Nuremberg Mum Makes $7,397/Month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!” Their server looks up what city your IP address is associated with and puts that into the headline.

If you click on the link to sign up, it takes you to a site called “onlineincomesolution.com” where you’re asked for your name, email address and phone number. The small print mentions that you’re placing an order for “Acai Lipo” for £99.97 and another £99.97 for “Quick Detox” (the price was probably shown in UK Sterling because my browser is set for English (UK)).

They are still using deceptive advertising to trick housewives and mothers into sending them money hoping to be able to support their families. They are targeting people for their scam who are out of work and short of money. How sick is that?

11 thoughts on ““Work from home mum” scams (newsonlineweekly.com)

  1. Checked it: newsonlineweekly.com associates my IP address with Amersfoort, which is less than thirty miles of target.

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  3. I just experienced the same here. Time to start a campaign to have legitimate websites deny the display space to all such scam advertisements.

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  6. Here in Nairobi heading reads “Nairobi Mum Makes $7,397/Month From Home
    And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!”

    the reply section is closed with a lie message, “Comments have been closed due to spam. Please check back later.” and the response dates keep on updating with same messages.

    This bogus thing has its advert in thefreeonlinedictionary.com with title “I make $260 everyday”
    well this is total shit.I almost enrolled but thank God I found this site that warned me.

  7. A simple prove that the “Work from home mum” is a scam. just go to there advertising web (newsonlineweekly.com). Every link you click including the link to show you weather patterns will lead your to page that will guide your to give your details including credit card No.

  8. More ads, advertising the same contents via these domains:


  9. is financereport24.com a legitimate website that help people to make some passive income or it just a scam?

    thank you helping

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