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Domain blacklist update (DBL-Update) 2014-07-24

DBL-Update is a Yahoogroups mailinglist on which we post changes to our domain blacklist and 419 scam sender address blacklist. We send one mailing per day to all subscribers. If you would like to be automatically notified about additions to or removals from these lists, send an e-mail to:
List-subscribers who use jwSpamSpy don't have to do anything to benefit, as jwSpamSpy automatically updates its local blacklists whenever it sees DBL-Update messages arrive.
From: jwSpamSpy DBL-Update
To: DBL-Update Mailinglist
Sent: 2014-07-24
Subject: [dbl-update] Domain Blocklist Update 2014-07-24

=agent jwSpamSpy 13.1213.00

# The following lists are produced by jwSpamSpy, our spam filter.
# They list domains and sender addresses recently added to (+) or
# removed from (-) our local blacklists.

# List of blocked domains added or removed since last update:

=delta dom-bl 2014-07-24

# List of blocked sender addresses added or removed since last update:

# Mail addresses marked '419' are Advance Fee Scam sender addresses
# (aka "Nigerian Scam/West African scam") detected by jwSpamSpy.
# Addresses marked '0' have been added to the list manually.

=delta from-bl 2014-07-24;419